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Little About Mr. Chirag Patel

Mr. Chirag Patel is not only a dynamic personality but also the founder of Hypnotrance. He believes in inspiring and advising individuals, helping them to understand their actual potential. He has taken his dynamic individual messages everywhere. His sound judgment approach and profoundly held convictions have motivated innumerable thousands to re-assess their state of mind. His comprehension and experience has helped individuals on the way of self-improvement and satisfaction

He did his graduation from HMI (Hypnosis Motivation Institute). He is an extraordinary Hypnosist & NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer. He also worked as a counselor with one of the NGOs, wherein he provided Hypnosis training to individuals and professionals. According to Mr Chirag Patel, Hypnotism is a brain control sessions to connect with the sub-conscious and offer recommendations to the subjects.

At Hypnotrance, my main goal is to show individuals how to recuperate the past, shape the future and live all the more completely, at this time. Our NLP and Hypnotherapy programs alongside our counseling administrations that incorporate psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, are intended for both individual and expert improvement

The key principals of Mr Chirag Patel are:

That with compassion, comprehension and result orientated aptitudes, we can achieve positive development and improvement

That we be able to take advantage of conscious and unconscious assets to change and upgrade our lives.

Every person strives hard to settle on the best decisions accessible to them taking into account what they accept and know at a given time.

That positive change can be quick, fun and remunerating in a manner that prompts long haul development

The motivation behind Hypnosis is to enable people in order to enhance all our lives

As per Mr. Chirag Patel, the least difficult way out is by giving the psyche positive proposals and escaping with the negative one. Hypnosis is no Jaadu Tona, Tantra Mantra, he demands, its all immaculate science. This strategy can be utilized to battle stress and fatigue. His clarification is that "The Human subconscious is capable, and whatever contemplation we nourish in are consequently executed by our intuitive. He might want to see individuals liberated from hypertension, sadness, apprehension, absence of fearlessness and willpower.

You can contact Mr. Chirag Patel for Therapy Sessions:

  • Self Confidence

  • Improve Relationships

  • Quit Smoking

  • Conqure Fears & Phobias

  • Accelerate Learning

  • Stop Nail Biting

  • Change Behaviours

  • Sports Mastery

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Fear Of Public Speaking

  • Insomnia

  • Goal Achievement

  • Pain Management

  • Sexuality Issues

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

What we offer

Hypnotherpay & NLP is powerful tools for therapy. By combining NLP & Hypnotherapy,therapy has become very rapid & results are permanent. Some time it takes only one to three sessions. Mr. Chirag Patel is available for individual therapy sessions by prior appointment
With NLP techniques it is easy to replace any negative thought with the positive one. Hypnotrance provide you the best techniques to eliminate negative blocks and thoughts.
you might not know but, your mind can easily understand the secret langauge. Hypnotrance teaches you how to use secret language of mind so that you can bring change in your inner and outer world.
Confidence is nothing but a state of mind. Once you learn the powerful technique of Hypno-NLP, you can improve your confidence at any place, any time.
Once you know how to use secret language of mind, it will be easier for you to develop new relations and also it is easier for you to create win-win situation in every relationship
Success is agin a state of mind.It will be easier for You to achieve success, once you start applying Hypnosis and NLP techniques with success principle.