Power Of Mind

Hypnotrance welcomes you with open hands and helps you to live a life which you are meant to live. So leave all your stress behind and just sit back and relax, rejuvenate your mind to possibilities.

Firstly let us understand the meaning of Hypnosis and their different therapies. Hypnosis therapy (also known as hypnotherapy or medical hypnosis) is one of the best and reliable method to make your mind unlock all the concealed information or in other words fix negative thinking. Here at Hypnotrance, we with our endless effort and years of expertise will help your mind to relax physically and mentally and then get in touch with the subconscious mind.

Do you know that our Subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind. This subconscious mind is a wonderful gift by god which is able to perform many given tasks at a same time. Our subconscious mind is a part where all our good and bad memories are stored, it also includes self limiting memories and fear or phobias. Such memories and beliefs sometimes are concealed in our self talk and keep interfering in accomplishment of our set goals for example goals like being rich and successful, being happy, healthier etc.

Let us promise ourselves to bring immense change in our self hidden talk messages from limiting us in accomplishing our goals. Make your inner voice your inspiration and make it shout like a cheerleader.

Once your mind wins in overtaking the bad thoughts from the subconscious mind, then your imagination will turn out to be thoughts and dreams which will surely lead you to the path of success you were looking for.

Do not forget, that if your mind is powerful to create issues in your life, then it can also find a solution to solve them. In daily life we come across many such issues which we accept because we fail to find a solution to solve it. All this leads to stress, anxiety, health disorders, phobias, issue at job place etc.

At Hypnotrance, hypnotherapy is an optional treatment utilizing the force of meditation and thought to change sentiments, indications, practices, considerations, and propensities in the psyche and body.

Our considerations can trigger a progression of physiological reactions in a second to react. Indeed the straightforward memory of nails on a writing slate or the snicker of a honest kid can be sufficient to evoke diverse sensations in our bodies. By upgrading your brain body coordination you can start to take advantage of the common knowledge of your physical body by listening to the prompts it offers you.

What we offer

Hypnotherpay & NLP is powerful tools for therapy. By combining NLP & Hypnotherapy,therapy has become very rapid & results are permanent. Some time it takes only one to three sessions. Mr. Chirag Patel is available for individual therapy sessions by prior appointment
With NLP techniques it is easy to replace any negative thought with the positive one. Hypnotrance provide you the best techniques to eliminate negative blocks and thoughts.
you might not know but, your mind can easily understand the secret langauge. Hypnotrance teaches you how to use secret language of mind so that you can bring change in your inner and outer world.
Confidence is nothing but a state of mind. Once you learn the powerful technique of Hypno-NLP, you can improve your confidence at any place, any time.
Once you know how to use secret language of mind, it will be easier for you to develop new relations and also it is easier for you to create win-win situation in every relationship
Success is agin a state of mind.It will be easier for You to achieve success, once you start applying Hypnosis and NLP techniques with success principle.