A trance-state is a natural state of mind. It is a state of mind where body may be relaxed and mind become more alert. When we induce hypnosis it is the first goal to achieve a dream like state “trance”, we communicate directly with the subconscious mind. When we are functioning at full consciousness, both the subconscious and the conscious mind are functioning simultaneously. During the trance state, concentration level remains much higher compared to normal state of mind.

To understand what happens during trance states, it is important to understand first about the brain waves. The mind has four different levels or stages of activity.

The first level is beta which is known as our conscious level. During this the conscious mind works on regulating the metabolism and only a tiny part deals with our conscious thoughts

The second level is known as alpha, during which the critical filter get by passed and doors of subconscious gets open. This time subconscious mind wakes up and the level of concentration increases.

Alpha stage is reached during: meditation, regression-induced trance etc. The common misconception is that the mind is asleep during alpha state. However, one is fully aware when a trance state is achieved.

The third level is known as theta, which relates to the part of the mind that functions during light sleep

It is fact that every one of us has experienced a Trance state. Have you ever read an interesting book and lost into it for few seconds? Have you ever experience your conscious mind so busy in thinking on the way while driving and suddenly found yourself at destination? These situations are experience of trance where your conscious mind remains busy at one thing and your subconscious mind works for you automatically.

The journey of Trance is always joyful. People feel it is a wonderful and enjoyable experience. It is the time when one can go deep into himself and find out the treasure of health and wealth.

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